The Importance of Using Chatbots in E-Commerce Sites

·What is the Importance of Using Chatbots in E-Commerce Sites?

For e-commerce sites, these software are no longer a choice, they have become a necessity. Because while the number of users of e-commerce, which has increased its volume, has increased, the responsibilities of the company have increased at the same pace.

·7/24 Availability

  1. Chatbots respond instantly 7/24.

· Support to Increase Sales

· Improving Customer Experience

· Increase Your Income

Get more loyal customers that will help increase your revenue by providing a seamless experience.

· Chatbot increases the number of positive comments.

· Chatbot Provides 30% Savings to Companies

Need for Operation / Problem

·Decreased website interactions after marketing activities

·Problems in areas such as sales or baskets

Strategy and Solution

·It tracks the user's keyboard and mouse movements.

·User can rewatch his movement like video during session and not just with numbers.

·It catches the errors encountered by the users on the browser and reports them to the relevant units.

Operation Effect

·Increased customer and employee satisfaction
· Financial savings

·Travel and operational cost savings provided by remote and visual access.

·Regular and healthy measurement and analysis ability.

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