Use of Chatbots in Human Resources

Use of Chatbots in Human Resources

Ortus4C is an artificial intelligence-based platform that can digitize the Human Resources department, enable online meetings by establishing video and audio communication between employees and department officials, and quickly and easily solve routine questions and procedures with a chatbot.

İK Chat Bot

  1. Reduces the workload of the HR Department
  2. It Finds the Most Competent individuals by pre-selecting resumes
  3. it pre-selects candidates with well-structured questions for technical positions that are hard to find.
  4. Automatically Answers Frequently Asked Questions
  5. HR Messages for the Company


  • Chatbot Saves 30%
  • Customer Convenience
  • Take Control of Conversations
  • Chatbot increases your number of positive comments.
  • 7/24 Accessibility
  • There are many such advantages.

Need for Operation / Problem

  • In the human resources department, increase of employee service volume increase time to answer questions and dicrease quality.
  • At the time of the pandemic, the need of remote technical consultancy
  • The need to automate operational and documentation works with artificial intelligence technologies.

Strategy & Solution

  • HR Chatbot Module: It enables employees to automate routine questions and follow-up processes. It provides automation of processes such as visa documents, payroll, requesting references.
  • Video Interview Module: Ability to make video recruitment interviews.
  • Company-specific interface.

Operation Effect

  • Reducing and automating the response times of the Human Resources department to internal customer questions
  •  Financial savings
  • 40% labor and 60% cost advantage
  • Regular and healthy measurement and analysis ability

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