Customer Retention Strategy for Small Businesses

Customer Retention Strategy for Small Businesses

Lower cost

82% of companies claim that customer retention is much cheaper than customer acquisition. you save money as you don't have to spend much time acquiring new ones.

Provide multi-channel support

Customers value quality customer service. They expect businesses to provide fast, personalized support across multiple channels. Research from Business2Community reveals that 71% of customers want a consistent experience across all channels, but only 29% claim they get it from businesses.

Customer Happiness

Ways to meet customer expectations; sending customer-specific measurement surveys. Businesses are likely to receive feedback when consumers shop online or visit the website. NPS and CSAT etc. to get your clients opinion about your company, give submit forms to measure customer satisfaction.

Respond quickly to complaints

With fast reply to complaints and problem solving you can keep in hand 90% of your customers. Therefore, set up customer retention processes with the aim of responding quickly to any complaints and finding solutions to customer satisfaction.

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