Why Do Institutions Choose Ortus?

Why Do Institutions Choose Ortus?

Who is Ortus4C?

It is an infrastructure service that enables you to produce Modular and Digital Communication Platforms. It increases operational efficiency by combining sales and customer channels on a single platform using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Why Ortus4C?

  1. Modular design
  2. Fast integration
  3. Operational efficiency
  4. Saving resources and costs
  5. Personel motivasyonlarında artış
  6. Increased customer experience and satisfaction
  7. Competitive Advantage
  8. Use of vehicles from a single center

Customer service automation over 55%

+40% Time & Cost Savings

  • Products


-Chatbot and Software

-Development Engine

-Developing Smart Agents

  • OrtusDesk

 -Customer Service Desk

 -Online Help Desk


 -Visually Merging Different Channels

  • Video Chat

  -Video call

  -Chat and Video Conferencing

  -Remote Assistant

  - Visual Insurance Claim Process

  -Patient / Doctor Communication

  -Technical Service Assistant

  -Risk Engineering / Expert

  • OrtusCob

 -Co-Browsing Asistan

 -Screen-to-Screen Interactive Help and Guidance

 -IOT Device Integration

  • Appointment

 -Modular Structure

 -Checking My Current and Past Appointments

 -Customizable Appointment Times

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