Video interview in the Insurance Industry


Thanks to the video call, you can evaluate the visual demand remotely.

You can do wonders with video calling in the Insurance Sectors. Banks and Insurance companies can serve their incoming customers completely via video chat. Thanks to technological developments, they can get their policies with a wet signature and open an account for them.

·Insurance Chatbot

·Video Claims Consultancy

·Risk Engineering

·Insurance Live Support

Need for Operation / Problem

  • Increase in insurance premiums, the need to reduce the frequency of patients going to hospitals .
  • When patients need to go to the hospital, reducing cost by directing them to contracted institutions .
  • Increased customer service volume, increased customer response time and quality.

Strategy and Solution

  • Video Expertise Module: A platform that enables video and audio online damage assessment processes to be performed by making an appointment through the application.
  • Telehealth Module: A platform that enables online patient diagnosis with video and audio by making an appointment through the application.
  • Risk Engineering Module: A platform that enables automated risk questions routing and remote risk management processes completing.
  • Insurance ChatBot: Claim Assistant / Pension Assistant / HR Bot. It allows it to automate the answering of routine questions. It can be applied without programming knowledge.

Operation Effect

  • Regular and healthy measurement and analysis ability.
  • Insurance claim resolution decreased from 30 days to 5 minutes.
  • 40% labor and 60% cost advantage.

What Does It Provide?

We enable risk engineers and experts to provide remote video calls without the need to travel in relevant situations. In this way, the request processing time is reduced from 30 days to 5 minutes. Thus, both time and cost savings are achieved. In addition, our insurance desk product enables you to increase your efficiency in a single center as omni channel.

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