Customer Interaction of Whatsapp Chatbots

Customer Interaction of Whatsapp Chatbots

Why Should We Use Whatsapp Chatbot?

Whatsapp chatbot can not only save your customers time and improve their experience, you can also improve your brand.

WhatsApp chatbot applications for the e-commerce industry

Chat robots in Whats app offers real time two way speaking and allows to e-commerce companies's customers reaching their support service any time in the day.


Platform independent i.e. WhatsApp, Apple, Android or Windows It can be installed on almost any device.

Always Support

The working hours of the Whatsapp chat robot, which can work like a customer representative, do not end, so you can provide support to your customers 7/24.

Rich Communication

·Enrich your customer communication with different media formats including pictures, videos, GIFs and more.

Unlimited Messaging

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