Importance of Chatbot in Real Estate Business

·Questions a real estate chatbot might ask customers

  1. In which city are you looking for real estate investment?
  2. Do you want to buy or sell real estate?
  3. Do you want a detached house or an apartment?
  4. Need something fully furnished or unfurnished?
  5. What budget are you looking for?

· 7/24 Available

Availability 24 hours a day: In the real estate business, agents have multiple tasks assigned to them, making it difficult to be present for every client's inquiry. At this point, your virtual assistant comes into play and presents the solution to the users no matter what time it is.

· Chatbot Provides 30% Savings to Companies

· Increase Your Income

Get more loyal customers that will help increase your revenue by providing a seamless experience.

· Handle high volume messages: On a busy day, a chatbot can handle all questions at once with a consistent level of customer service.

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