The Importance of Chatbot in the Health Industry

·Questions a health chatbot might ask customers

  1. What is your health problem?
  2. Hospital Inquiry
  3. Covid
  4. Would you like to receive information about your medicines?
  5. vaccination calendar
  6. Would you like to know the duration of vaccination?

· 7/24 Availability

  1. Your customers can make appointments and inquiries 24/7 with the help of our ChatBot.


It gives prescribers and their patients the option to use electronic prescriptions as an alternative to paper prescriptions.

Tıbbi Hatırlatmalar

Take your daily medications on time and never miss a dose with our reminders.


During the video call, it detects the color change in the capillaries and performs the heart rate measurement.

IoT Device Integration

Enables monitoring of health data collected from smartwatches and devices.

Instant access to healthcare

A chatbot can analyze a patient's symptoms and then make appropriate recommendations for simple medical issues or arrange an appointment with a physician. If the robot cannot comfortably answer the questions, the patient is directed to a real human.

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