Why Do We Need Chatbots?

· 7/24 Availability

· Chatbot increases the number of positive comments.

· Increase Your Income

  1. Get more loyal customers that will help increase your revenue by providing a seamless experience.

· Chatbot Provides 30% Savings to Companies

· Customer Convenience

· Usage for Customer Acquisition

  1. 47% of customers are open-minded about shopping with a Chatbot. (HubSpot)

· Provides Comprehensive Customer Support

  1. Many people who shop online need help while shopping. Chatbots help customers shop by using artificial intelligence to meet these needs.
  2. Remembers the names of returning customers or reminds them to check the items in their baskets.
  3. It directs users to specific landing pages to learn more about different products or services.

· Take Control of Conversations

Companies that invest in chatbots have full control over communication with their customers.

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