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"Rating" in the "Reports" section consists of end-of-call customer evaluations that can be viewed by customer service representatives. In the Ratings section, the evaluation scores your operators received from customers at the end of the meeting are listed. Here you can filter by date and transfer the relevant table to excel.

First, here is the customer type. In this part, your customer's id is located. Next to it, there is information available for rating. First, the score appears here. An evaluation is presented to your customers so that they can evaluate after each meeting. Here are the scores that your customers have stated, as well as the reviews they have made for the rating. If there are no comments and only the score, a screen will appear just like the one above.

Of course, operator's information is needed in order to be able to determine and display which operator your customers gave this information to. That's exactly what operator information here is for! The names and lastnames of your operators are located here. Thus, which operator is communicating with the relevant customer is also seen in the system.

Finally, there is the date that this meeting started and also the date that the meeting ended. Along with the dates, the hours and minutes are also included. So we offer you the opportunity to record everything in detail. We develop our system according to your needs!

That's it!

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