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Video Call

"Videocall" in the "Handbook" section, specifies the video option for conversations with your customers. You can reach the video call section in our article titled sms in the handbook section. As we mentioned in our previous sms article, you can specify a link for a video call before sending an SMS. Then you can start a video call automatically by sending this link to your customer's phones as an SMS.

You can reach the article we talked about by clicking here!

You can also do this by using the video call option located in the upper-right corner of the chat screen when you are chatting with your customers.

Let's examine together how this video call is viewed by both customers and operators. Let's first start by describing the part by the customers.

The Part by the Customers

First, the relevant operator enters your contact information and sends the link to the video call to your phone as a message.

This is how every link is sent. If you click on the link, you will see a screen like the one below.

When this screen appears, you will be automatically redirected to the conversation. Just as we have shown in our previous articles, you will be viewing the conversation screen in our system. In addition, video calls are also included.

On this page that opens automatically, customers can talk to operators both in writing and in video. We tried both steps to set an example for you. While you can verbally express what you want in the video section, you can send documents or photos if you wish in writing!

You can also set your video call with the operator as full screen, as you can see on the screen, or you can also reduce it by setting it to stand on the side if you wish. You can also make your adjustments by editing it from the upper right corner of the video call.

When you click on the plus button in the lower right corner of the screen, you will see such a screen. So that your customers can send the documents and photos you want to the operators. It can also use emojis with the emoji button next to the plus button!

To end your video call, you can immediately click the red button, just like video calls made on phones. On the screen above, you can see how the written conversation and at the same time the total interview was completed.

When you click the black button, the conversation ends. Finally, a questionnaire appears for customers to evaluate the conversation with the operator.

This will be the last screen that customers see after you finish your call. They can vote by clicking on the emojis here. Just as you can see on the screen, when the video call starts and when it ends is also written with green text.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that the articles here are purely for illustrative purposes. this is not the end of a real service talk.

That's it, that's all that was viewed by the customer!

The Part by the Operator

First, the relevant operator enters the customer's contact information and sends the video call link sms to the customer's phone.

The operator fills in the information required for the sms that it will send to the customer and sets the parameters below (ex. direct video call, normal assignment and more). We showed the SMS that came to the customer at the top of the article, you can look there for those who are stuck in your mind.

Then, the customer's screen receives a notification "new job appointment" that a new job has been assigned. you can turn on the video call by pressing the green button in the pop-up window, or turn off the video call by pressing the red button.

When we start the conversation by pressing the green button, the image of the customer and operator appears on the screen.

As you continue to talk to your customer, you can send the videos and photos you want your customer to see by pressing the Settings key at the top right with the help of a new window that opens. you need to do:

  • Click on the blue arrow icon at the bottom right.
  • Select a video or photo from your computer or mobile phone ( you can make multiple selections). Also, as you can see on the screen, the photo and video selection screen are located in different compartments.
  • After completing your selection, you can complete the sending job by pressing send photos or videos.

If you want, you can reduce your screen by pressing the gray line icon at the top right and place your screen in the desired area.

If you want, you can reach the blue indicator icon by pressing the yellow hand icon at the top right. this is an icon that will make it easy for you to view on your screen.

When your client closes the conversation after the conversation is over, your screen will be as it appears in the bottom picture. Don't worry about it. When your client ends the call, you will see "closed work" in your message panel. All you have to do here is click on the three line icon on the top left in the section with the speech text and click on the phrase "end conversation" and then select the reason for the end of the conversation. Your finished conversations will go to the Archive tab.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that the articles here are for illustrative purposes only. this is not the end of a real service conversation.

That's it, that's all that's displayed by the operator!

That's it!

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